Alejo Landscaping, LLC offers a wide variety of services. Below is a list of some of the services we provide on a daily basis.

Services Offered

  1. Sprinkler Replacement
  2. Sprinkler Installation
  3. Grass Replacement (Seed or Sod)
  4. Valve Replacement
  5. Timer Installation
  6. Timer Set Up and Testing
  7. Computerized Timers (PC or MAC)*
  8. Tree Trimming/Removal
  9. Brush Clearance (Fire Zoning)
  10. Stump Removal or Grinding
  11. Landscape Clean Ups
  12. Landscape Design's
  13. Drought Tolerate Landscaping
  14. Water Conservation Systems
  15. Drip System Irrigation

Alejo Landscaping, LLC now uses Mark It Blue Spray Solution Colorant, along with reversed osmosis water to eradicate weeds and grasses from your property, while identifying areas already sprayed to minimize waste and overspray.

Mark It Blue is Non Toxic, and Dissipates with Sunlight. Mark It Blue is a temporary colorant that will not permanently stain target surfaces.

*Note - Alejo Landscaping, LLC may substitute Mark It Blue for Mark It Red Spray Solution. Mark It Red Spray Solution does exactly the same as Mark It Blue Spray Solution.

Alejo Landscaping Mission Statement

To ensure each and every customer is taken care of right the first time. To offer the very best products, the very best service, and the very best work quality possible the first time.

*We install irrigation timers that you can control from anywhere in the world. It is as simple as logging in to check your e-mail, and you will have all your statistics on your irrigation times, water waste ratio reports, broken, or over watering locations and zones, weather temperatures downloaded twice daily, and automatic shut-off in the event of rain.

We use top of the line products like Toro, Rainbird, and Hunter just to name a few. You can be assured that these items are strong, and built to last. All services offered, are backed by our service guarantee. When we complete a special project for you outside your normal service schedule, you can rest assure, you are covered by our "if it does not look good, we will replace it, at no charge" policy.


  1. Ventura County
  2. Santa Barbara County
  3. Los Angeles County